Friendly to sport, service to sportsman...

DO-SMAI was established in 1984. Company's field of activity is the manufacturing of sporting clothes and materials for the sportsmen engage in "Far Eastern" sports.

Company gets its name from the summary of its Chinese original which means "Material Manufacturing for Do Sports".

At times of the establishment, the product variety in this valley was quite limited and in poor quality that was not recommended for the sportsmen.

The company became a limited company in 1996 and had a registered trademark.

We, as DO-SMAI are about to reach our goals in terms of institutionalization in order to provide better quality and service for the sportsmen. Our small workshop turned into a company which is a wholly integrated factory comprising a lot of line of work and occupying an area for 1.400 m² in the year of 2000 with its staff members around 35 to 40. Our product range is over 250 of items sold through the agents of the big cities of the country.

We are in a change and innovative efforts constantly in terms of our product variety. Taking into consideration the sportsmen's health, our R&D Department is at the service of the sportsmen researching and developing a perception that our sportsmen must have what the world's best sportsmen have.

DO-SMAI is proud of being at the service of world's sportsmen. DO-SMAI wishes the best for your sports life with the motto of "serving the sportsmen and being sports friendly".

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